Artist Spotlight

Stacey Williams-Ng

Stacey Williams-Ng is a Milwaukee muralist, painter and illustrator. She is also the Director of Wallpapered City, an arts agency that helps neighborhoods and communities to install monumental art for placemaking. She is a Board Member of ImagineMKE, the nonprofit in Milwaukee charged with building arts and culture for communal impact. She and her crew […]

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Kathryn Crawford

Throughout Kathryn’s journey through life she has explored and learned about the dichotomies of life and the undeniable way everything is connected and has its and place. In 2012 Kathryn was in a life-threatening accident that was pivotal to her perspective on the world and thus, her art career. Experiencing the transformation that took place […]

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Mary-Ellen Kelly

Mary-Ellen Kelly is a mixed media artist, but dabbles in photography and salvaging antique/vintage windows. Creating mixed media art is just a process that allows her to visually combine the two strengths. Because she adores all things retro and vintage she tends to use these types of ephemera in her work. She is an amazing […]

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