Artist Spotlight

Graffiti: Art for the Lucky

Drive anywhere in Memphis and you’ll see it, hiding in alleys, looming high on overpasses, gracing abandoned warehouses, donning ditches and culverts, painted on the sides of dumpsters, buildings, and trains. You may try to ignore it, but it’s there, when you go to the movies, drive to work, walk down the street. And in […]

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Chasing Trains at Midnight: Barl and Neen

Chasing trains at midnight, running through ditches at dawn, tromping around a condemned warehouse in the dead of night. These aren’t the most romantic places to go on a date for most Memphians, but for Neen and Barl, two talented graffiti writers, it’s not the location that matters, but the collaboration, the sharing, and the […]

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One Day Festival 2016 – Chelsea Flood Wall

Memphis Paint is a one-day festival on October 1, 2016 that will bring over 100 artists to Memphis to paint the flood wall adjacent to the proposed Chelsea Greenline. The wall starts at the Chelsea trailhead, at North Evergreen and Chelsea and goes west for .3 miles, There will be two volunteer organizers from Memphis […]

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