Jerika Renee

I am an artist, a humanitarian, a traveler, a learner, and above all, a human being. I have a passion and compassion for people, for their stories, their lives, and their experiences. Immense amounts of inspiration are gained for me from those who dedicate their life to following their heart and beating the odds. Jane Goodall and Jerry Garcia are two fascinating individuals who have and are continuing to build a community and culture of kindness and coexistence. My admiration for these humans is a driving force in both my subject matter and life. Performance painting for live music is the icing on the cake and came naturally once the courage was mustered. Music heals, art heals, together they make my soul dance and the creativity flow. Born and raised as a Pennsylvania mountain mama, this self-taught artist is currently laying roots in Nashville and embracing the growing city and it’s unique opportunities. Using paint covered fingers, the strokes of a paintbrush, and a deep infatuation for this complicated, strange, and beautiful world, my goal is to bring unity and happiness through color and, in return, create a legacy of love. Jane, Jerry, Jerika…… anything’s possible, right?