Artist Spotlight

Paulie Nassart

Born and raised new York painter. Moved to LA and co-founded Off the Wall Graffiti, a 501c3 dedicated to helping underserved youth artists. He recently helped open Adobe Graffiti Lounge in Bradenton Florida. He live by his mantra “If You Love It. Do It Every Day.”

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Karl Zurfluh

Karl Zurfluh has been creating art for as long as he can remember. Karl grew up in Tacoma WA, where he spent a lot of rainy days drawing, watching cartoons, reading comics and playing video games. His early creativity was heavily influenced by skate and punk culture, which eventually got him very involved with the […]

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Tyler Z Key

Tyler Z Key was born in Birmingham, Alabama. His brother David instilled a love for drawing in him at the early age of six, introducing him to comic books and soon he began creating his own drawings of fictional superheroes. Tyler honed this talent and adopted an entrepreneur’s mentality and traded his drawings for snack […]

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