Kathryn Crawford

Throughout Kathryn’s journey through life she has explored and learned about the dichotomies of life and the undeniable way everything is connected and has its and place. In 2012 Kathryn was in a life-threatening accident that was pivotal to her perspective on the world and thus, her art career. Experiencing the transformation that took place because of this event gave her a level of substance that she could only have seen through being forced to face the deep, contrasting emotions that occurred. The impact of this experience on her painting is self-evident. Her current work is based heavily on the light and the dark, the uncomfortable and the beautiful, and the fluidity of identity and soul. Through the use of symbolism and recognizable images, she connects a visual image to a theme and in that, a greater story. She currently works primarily in aerosol, acrylics and oils, creating either large scale murals on walls, or on canvas, wood, and animal skulls. She has murals all over the country including numerous in North Carolina, Florida and Tennessee. Her work on animal skulls has sparked the interest of many, and has earned her numerous commissions for private collectors and public art projects.